Carse of Gowrie Group

Our website has changed.  Select the left hand menu items to view details of the COGG Paths Project (the older part of our website) or the Historic Orchards Forum.

Carse of Gowrie Group has had different incarnations. Early success was in the 1990s when it was an important proponent arguing for and succeeding in getting flyovers of the A90. More recently its success was the creation of various new paths and improvement to existing paths within the Carse and, currently, CoGG supports the Historic Orchards Forum. CoGG currently intends to assist any Carse of Gowrie groups or associations who want to use CoGG for proposing particular projects within the Historic Landscape Fund. We aim to support any new path projects and ‘Birds, Bees and Butterflies’ – a biodiversity project which we hope amongst other things will include restoring wild flowers to some roadside verges.  If you are interested then please contact: